The hard copy print books sold out in June of 2009 and then went online as a PDF download completely for free, no shipping and printing costs for Vipassana Foundation or purchasers as it can be read online as a free e-book. Go to this link to see the complete book online as a PDF download: Buddha's Lists PDF. Also see a supplement created in December 2011: reformatted symbolic representation of the Four Noble Truths as seen on page 33 of the online Buddha's Lists.

5 weeks at #1 Mar.-Apr. 2006 and over 80 weeks in top ten in Amazon's bestseller list: Buddhism > Theravada.

Foreword by Ven. Madawela Punnaji, MD (1929-2018) who was the spiritual head of the Buddhist Maha Vihara in Malaysia, taking over from the late K. Sri Dhammananda.

Meditation and the teachings of The Buddha have become increasingly popular in this modern-scientific-information-age.  Personal observations and experience are the cornerstone of modern science and the Buddha’s teachings.  People from all walks of life have found meditation and The Buddha’s teachings helpful for overall health, relaxation, and wisdom.

The Buddha’s path is centered on the Eightfold Middle Path and the many other lists of the Buddha.  In this book the author guides us through this timeless teaching by explaining the meanings and steps. A total of over 600 lists are presented in this book with 29 of the most important ones explained in detail.