Praise for Right Understanding and Buddha's Lists from readers around the globe:

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5 stars

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5 stars

A book you can use over and over again, about 100 some lists, with the most important lists explained in detail. Very good reference.
Marie (Seattle, Washington)

Wonderful explanations of the Buddha's lists. The author explained it extremely well. I love the use of plain english and putting the explanations in language anyone can understand. The author is a scholar and highly educated, but unlike other scholars who write books, this author wrote in plain language, easily understandable and digestable. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking the Buddha's wisdom or anyone who just wants a better understanding of the Buddha's teachings.
Nancy Benton (Olympia, Washington)

This book is a valuable reference. I refer back to it all the time. I even keep a copy next to me when I meditate.
Samantha (Jacksonville, Florida)

I have this author's other dharma book, Right Understanding in Plain English and this Buddha's Lists book is even better. It has more information, is much longer, and more insights.
Jon (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

The author has read through and cites numerous Buddhist books, including the scriptures of Buddhism. He has sifted through all of that material and presented an overview and analysis not found in other Buddhist books. In effect, the author has done all the research and you get to see the results without having to go through all of those other books and the Buddha's discourses. The scriptures of Buddhism are too long to go through. In this book the author does all the work for us and presents Buddhism in easy to understand terms and backs it all with science and scientific method. Excellent, now I don't need to read much else on Buddhism unless I have the time!
James B. (N. California)

Thank you so much for the book.  I enjoyed it very much!  
S.A. Houston, Texas

“A wonderful book I will recommend to all my students and other monks.  A very useful guide and reference for lay people and monks alike.”
Bhante K. Wipulasara
Abbot, Florida Buddhist Vihara
Tampa, Florida

You were so kind enough to send me this dharma book at no charge as I am an indigent inmate.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I’m on my third reading of it right now, then I’m sharing it with my Buddhist Study Group we have here in prison.
J.L. Oregon State Prison

It is one of the best books on Buddhism I have read.  It has insights I’ve never seen before in Buddhist literature.
S.C. Cleveland, Ohio

I found the book very complete in its explanation of Buddhism’s middle path.  R.S.  Tel Aviv, Israel

I found that the book was well written and contained information found in many other books on Buddhism and other information not found in other books.
J.S. Sydney, Australia

This is one book I will read and use over an over again.  Thank you for writing this book and for distributing it at such a low price.  
S.W. Fargo, North Dakota

Thank you for an excellent book.  Very powerful stuff!  I’d like to get ten more copies to share with family and friends.
P.K.  New York City

I received your book and have really enjoyed it!  It is so good I donated it to our prison library.
L.H.  New Jersey Federal Prison

Thank you for the best book I’ve ever read!
B.C.  Toronto, Canada